Kyle 19 年 11 月份对 Cosmos 看空

节点服务商 Chorus 在 19 年 11 月份采访 multicoin Capital 的 Kyle,摘取 Kyle 对 Cosmos 的观点。

Samani argues (pretty convincingly) that the Cosmos vision of thousands of self-sovereign blockchains may be too complex to achieve. Do developers really want to build their own blockchains or would they prefer to focus on building services? Can the complexities of cross-chain messaging ever we abstracted away? Can all of these chains be secured? It seems like a concerted effort to build out shared security on Cosmos would be a meaningful first step to address this, followed by great libraries for building cross-chain dapps.

Kyle 认为 Cosmos 的数以千计的主权区块链的愿景过于复杂难以实现。开发者真的想建立自己的区块链吗还是更愿意聚焦于建立服务?跨链通讯的复杂性。这些链够安全吗。Kyle 的建议 Cosmos 可以建立自己的共享安全性,紧接着开发建立跨链 DApp 的库。

总体来说 Kyle 在 11 月份看空 Cosmos,主要来自三点:1. Cosmos 的愿景过于庞大恐难实现。2. 应用定制链是否会有需求 3. 认为共享安全性更好

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