Kyle 如何是如何奶 Solana 的

So maybe the future isn’t thousands of inter-operating chains. And if we haven’t solved the interchain complexity, then we probably haven’t solved the complexity of sharded chains either (as it’s pretty much the same problem).

One outcome is that Ethereum 2.0 wins out and retains its dominance. A second potential answer: Solana takes over from Ethereum as the platform of choice.

With the Ethereum 2.0 release looking so far away, will Solana have an opportunity to take over? Instead of an interchain world, could we see a return to a single chain dominating the space?

Kyle 说未来可能不是由数千条互操作性链组成。如果我们无法解决跨链的复杂性,我们也同样无法解决分片链的复杂性。

一种结果是 ETH2.0 胜出,第二种结果是 Solana 取代 ETH。

一脸懵逼状态。强奶 Solana。

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