Tezos 和 Cosmos 的侧重点

1/ Both @tezos$XTZ & @cosmos$ATOM recently decoupled from general market sentiment. We think those sharp moves upwards are well deserved – each in its own right We are thrilled to be genesis supporters of both ecosystems and look forward to serving both in the coming years

2/ Tezos Nakamoto-style PoS system lays the foundation for an inclusive system with extremely low barriers to entry The @tezos community leveraged that to build out the arguably most decentralized PoS systems we have today. The community genuinely cares about #decentralization

3/ The @cosmos#SDK has become a go-to solution for blockchain development with ambitions to become the de-facto standard The soon to come #IBC protocol will further increase the gravity of the whole @cosmos ecosystem and unleash the power of composability

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