20 Things I’m Looking Forward To In 2020

1. PoW vs. PoS Debates 2. Growth of DEXs (0x, Nash, Uniswap, Kyber) 3. MPC vs. Multisig Approach for Custody 4. Industry Consolidation (M&A activity in custody, exchanges, node infrastructure, etc.) [1/5]

5. Prime brokerage disrupting exchanges 6. Watching Ethereum competitor traction and ROI for investors 7. Government crackdowns on unregistered securities and money laundering 8. State and company backed digital currencies (Libra, Kakao, China) [2/5]

9. Privacy tech impacting $BTC and $ETH (Taproot, Schnorr Signatures, Mixers) 10. Tokenization of digital collectibles and gaming 11. Improvements in data & compliance tools to legitimize crypto 12. US mining growth 13. IEOs become standard for launching networks [3/5]

14. Positive macro impact for digital assets (presidential election, hyper-inflation) 15. Firms getting exposed for reporting inflated/fake numbers to the media 16. More funding at the application layer 17. Better banking access for crypto companies within the US [4/5]

18. VC-coins tanking – aka some cheap buys 🙂 19. Institutional Adoption continuing to happen slowly 20. Authentication solutions for real-world & digital goods via DLT [5/5]

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